Spread Happiness

Spread Happiness

Host a screening, volunteer, donate a book – there are so many ways to get involved and spread the message of Project Happiness.
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Teach Happiness


Can you teach happiness? YES!
Project Happiness has curriculum available for grades K-12, plus an online course for colleges, universities, or anyone wanting to explore their own personal happiness. More.

Why Happiness


3.22 million kids, ages 7-17 were treated for depression in the past 5 years. This is more than double the number from the previous 5 years. Learn more.


We give 100% because YOU give 100%. At Project Happiness we make you this guarantee – 100% of your public donations goes to pay for Project Happiness programming. We feel so strongly about this promise that even the fees that credit card companies charge to process your donations get covered by our angel donors so that 100% of your public donations go to provide happiness to those in need.
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Our Reach

Project Happiness programs span the globe and are currently used by public and private schools, colleges , universities and NGO’s in 49 states and more than 55 countries. The film has been translated into Spanish, German, Korean, and Hindi and there are requests to expand that selection. Thanks to the generous support of Google for nonprofits, we are now able to provide a detailed view (including GPS coordinates) of every school and organization that has received free Project Happiness materials.
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Latest Blog Posts

10 Things Creative People Do

Originally published in the Huffington Post – May 12th, 2014 Have you ever wondered why some people are more creative than others? Did you ever wish that you had more of that particular gene? The good news is that researchshows that happiness and creativity are not only related, they can be developed. Here are 10 ways to jumpstart your creativity, starting now: 1. Listen In: Listen to your intuition and capture your new ideas. Whether from your morning shower, nighttime dreams, when … Continue reading

Conversation with Terri Feinberg, Educator – Agent of Happiness

Terri Feinberg is an Educator at Ohlone Elementary school in Palo Alto. Terri was instrumental in developing K-5 curriculum and for bringing the staff and administration at Ohlone together for implementation of the program. A psychologist by training, Terri believes that the basic building blocks of Project Happiness can bring a huge change to the lives of children and adults. Here’s a full transcript of conversation between Seema Handu and Terri Feinberg. SH: How and where did you hear about … Continue reading

Conversation with Angel Gustavo Ruiz, Latin America Program Director – Agent of Happiness

Prof. Angel Gustavo Ruiz is the President and Founder of Circulo de Estudios del Nuevo Pensamiento AC and Program Director of Project Happiness in Latin America. Gustavo Ruiz also started International Day of Happiness (www.internationalhappinessday.org), a collaboration between Project Happiness and Club de la Felicidad, as a movement to promote happiness as a universal goal and aspiration in the lives of human beings around the world. Here’s a transcript of conversation between Seema Handu (COO at Project Happiness) and Gustavo … Continue reading

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